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Fishing on the Utsjoki River

Fishing licences for the Utsjoki River are sold for the local fishing association's waters.
The fishing zones are not marked in the terrain, but at the site the licences are sold fishers can get information about the approved fishing zones.
On the Utsjoki both fly- and lurefishing is allowed. Fishing is done from the riverbank.
Fishing on the Utsjoki requires, in addition to the Utsjoki fishing licence, the Finnish national fishing licence card. The Utsjoki licence is active for a 24 hour period, starting from any time the fisherman wishes. The preservation day starts sunday nights at 7 p.m. and ends on monday at 7 p.m.

The licences are sold until 20th of August.

The Utsjoki River is an ideal place for fishing from the bank. Typical catch from the river would be salmon, grayling or trout. The grayling population of the river is especially strong.

Fishing licences for the Utsjoki are sold at Camping Lapinkylä, Utsjoki (phone +358 16 677 396)

Prices for the Utsjoki licences:
Adults 15 € / day
Children under 16 years of age 5 € / day