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Guided Willow Grouse Hunting:

Target group: Hunters and people otherwise interested in hunting and nature.

Group size: 1-4 persons
Place: In the Paistunturi and Kaldoaivi wilderness.
Time: In Autumn, September 20th - October 15th, or in Spring, February 15th - March 31st

Product description: The clients will be transported to the mountains by jeep or snowmobile, depending on the time of the year. Once there, the customers will take lodgings in a high-class cottage. In the cottage the guide will take care of the meals and other practical matters. The hunting is done with instruction by the guide.

1 person 1100 € / person
2 persons 700 € / person
3 persons 550 € / person
4 persons 320 € / person
The prices include VAT.

The prices include: accommodation, transportation, meals and hunting licences.

Reservations: phone +358 405 591 54 2